Thomas Ulrich

Thomas Ulrich

Thomas Ulrich is fascinating. Thomas Ulrich is motivating. One of the remarks he hears the most is; „I envy your lifestyle, I would like to live like you.“ That’s what it’s all about, what makes people like Thomas Ulrich stand out from the others. Not only do they dream but they also live their dreams. There is no „One day I want to...actually I would like to...“ Conjunctives do not exist for him. He loses no time. What he wants, he goes out and gets it.

The strength, the ambition, the passion and the humour of this adventurer are a gift to each audience. The quality and the content of his presentations are unique: Not only is Ulrich an adventurer, he is also one of the best outdoor photographers and extreme cinematographers around. He has worked as a cinematographer for the movie the Nordwand, has documented an ascent of Mount Everest for swiss television and publishes his images in the american magazine The National Geographic, which is the equivalent to an Oscar for a photographer.

Presentation languages: german, english and norwegian