Ines Papert | Icefestival | Harbin | China
Settled in the far north of China the majestic winter city of  Harbin celebrates the freezing temperatures: More than 12 000 workers annually build a perishable wonderland of ice: giant towers, palaces, bridges and spectacular cathedrals. Ines Papert, the four times Ice Climbing World Champion from Germany was the first and only one with permission to climb the stunning ice-buildings.
Rainer Eder | Parkour | Lavertezzo | Verzasca valley
Red Bull invited the world's best freerunners for a creative competition: The Art of Motion Nature. As the name of the event suggests - not in an urban surrounding but rather in the absolutely stunning riverbed of the Verzasca in Lavertezzo, Switzerland.
Hike&Fly | Morgenberghorn | Schilthorn | Bernese Oberland
Hike&Fly as a rising trend in paragliding: a lot of alpinists like Ueli Steck and Ines Papert learn paragliding for an easy way back to the valley instead of a long descent. Our photographer went up to the Schilthorn together with the worldchampion Chrigel Maurer and joined the Advance Team on their hike up to the top of the Morgenberghorn. Both trips ended with an exciting flight backt to the valley. 
Stephan Siegrist | Cerro Stanhardt | Winter trilogy
Stephan Siegrist successfully completes the winter trilogy of all major summits of the Cerro Torre group in Patagonia. Together with Ralf Weber and Thomas Senf he achieved one of the rare winter ascents of Cerro Stanhardt via the Exocet route. He is now the first alpinist to have climbed all of the three main summits in the Cerro Torre group during the Patagonian winter.
Kashmir | Indien | Cerro Kishtwar | White Sapphire
Due to the Kashmir Conflict, this whole area has been permantly restricted to mountaineering throughout the last two decades. Despite this, Stephan Siegrist, David Lama and Denis Burdet travelled to Kashmir last fall and managed to score not only once but twice! India has much more than just mountain climbing to offer...
Nina Caprez | Silbergeier
On July 2, 2011 swiss climber Nina Caprez successfully completed a first ascent of the the route Silbergeier 8b+ in the Rätikon area being the first woman ever climbing this route. The challenging 6 pitch route was first established by Hans Kammerlander in 1983 and requires not only strong climbing technique but also a very determined mind.
Eiger Speed Record
Dani Arnold, a climber from Central Switzerland, had a sensational break-through by breaking the world speed record on the Eiger on April 20, 2011. The 27 year old solo-climbed the North Face of the Eiger in 2 hours and 28 minutes, breaking the previous record set by Ueli Steck by 20 min. We have exclusive and exciting images to this story.
Climbing Expedition Greenland
In Eastern Greenland on the 1300m East Wall of the Grundtvigskirken, a new route was established by Swiss climbers Roger Schäli and Thomas Ulrich along with the Italian Simon Gietl and Austrian Daniel Kopp.
First Ascent Wild Woman Peak
The chinese province of Sichuan is a mountaineers paradise. However, bureaucracy forced Thomas Senf, Ralf Weber and Dani Arnold to play hide and seek; with no base camp and in pure alpine style, they succeeded in a first ascent of the 5320m high Wild Woman Peak. The tour was then logically given the name „Catch me if you can“.